Sustainable School Project: Ngare Sero

Project type: food security

Start date: Dec 2014

Objective: Develop solutions to work towards sustainability of food production. Current project plan and info email or contact Ake Lindstrom personally on +255785840000.


  • Summits Africa LTD: community liaison support funding, vehicles, project manager
  • Ngare Sero Village Executive: village liaison, site provision, community liaison
  • Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero: project manager accommodation, engineer accommodation, manager support, camp vehicle support
  • Destiny Foundation: not for profit account support, accountant support, project planning documentation & support
  • Nord Anglia schools: potential student volunteer support, installation support, possible long term project support and independent monitoring
  • SimGas

Project Plan

See our current PDF – note that this is developed with sustainability in mind and so subject to constant review and updating subject to pilot project outcomes, community and project partner feedback and funding availability.




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