Our projects are always education related and also associated with the communities that we work with. Our flagship programs such as our 5 stage education programs to help porters make progress in their lives remains core to who we are and what we do but over time we have asked to be involved and taken the initiative on other projects too. Use this page to find out about our ongoing projects.

Scholarships: please see our scholarships page.

Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero

In 2013 Summits Africa took over the operation of Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero. Based in the Ngorongoro District, the camp is situated on the edge of Lake Natron and was initially conceived as an ‘eco – lodge’. Community involvement is at the core of this camp and project and over time we have taken this to new levels with initiatives designed to strengthen community participation in the lodge and for the lodge to give back in meaningful ways to the community. Initiatives include:

1. Women’s working group: a group of 17 women selected from the local community with the assistance of the village elders are now working on rotation in the camp, learning new skills such as servicing the rooms but also more advanced skills such as training to be cooks.

2. Locally sourced crew: The main staff are all locals from the assistance manager to the watchmen. The employment policy reflects the long term goal of training and managing locally.

3. Friends of Natron – Marafiki wa Natron: a working group set up by Ake Lindstrom to include all local stakeholders, including village executive, lodges and camps, community based organisation. This project is set to expand significantly over time and will no doubt become a cohesive forum for community based development and communication. Current projects include radio communication networks and new routes up the active volcano Lengai!

4. Sustainable school project: stemming from an obvious need to feed children in the local primary school this project is now being developed further. See Sustainable School Project for more.


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