Sustainable School Project – Biogas!

Biogas / bio slurry / permaculture

As part of our sustainable schools project in Lake Natron we’ve been looking into various options to increase food security for the school and trumping the options right now is Biogas combined with bio sludge for more productive crop growing.

As of Jan 2015 we’ve teamed with up with SimGas here in Tanzania for numerous reasons – such as the fact they are producing a injection moulded biogas digester here in Tanzania! Locally produced and sourced means a lot to us in Natron as support is key to rolling a project like this out. They also have a track record of rolling out these systems in the wider context of permaculture – building more holistic systems where the bio slurry is used to feed plants and produce food.. which is perfect for our schools project.

Right now  (Jan 2015) we are prototyping a system, building project plans and doing all the front end community liaison work to build a project within best practise for sustainability over the long term. Our current phase includes fund raising and those interested in being part of this stage OR going forward taking this project to fruition, please do contact Ake directly on

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