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5 Steps to a Better Life

Throughout Summits Africa we operate on a basis of 5 core principles. These written commitments to Environment, Education, Excellence, Experience, Ethics ( http://www.summits-africa.com/aboutus/5es.htm) pulse through everything we do here, Destiny Foundation included.

Destiny sets to push bars higher though. We are delighted and excited to add another core 5 to what we do here, and implement our new 5 Steps to a Better Life initiative. There is a beaming pride when one of our porters tells us what Level he managed to achieve at school, but then most often the case is that he has been forced by private circumstances to sacrifice his studies in order to work. We want coming to work at Summits Africa to simultaneously be an enjoyable source of income and a chance to strive for that degree that unfortunately never was. We want people to announce that they have achieved Step 5 of their particular course with as much pride and enthusiasm as they say they reached Level 4 in Secondary School. Whether it is cleaning the tents, on the football pitch after work, the guys here compete ferociously at everything they do! And it is by fuelling this natural desire for achievement that we hope to achieve great things with Destiny.

The Five Stepscontact us to sponsor a level OR person through to the next level!

Step 1: First steps. Basic free training.

Step 2: Medium level courses

Step 3: Advanced level courses – part self funded (introduce more accountablity). Become an instructor.

Step 4: Instruct courses. Give back. Get paid more.

Step 5: Diploma / degree level scholarships. Vocational courses for those that will never get to diploma or degree level.

You can sponsor a level or person to the next level OR for corporate sponsors select one of our corporate packages today!


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